How do I apply for a place in Wellmount Village?

You'll need to go to our Contact Us page where you will find a list of the management agents for the village. These agents offer differing pricing, accommodation types and terms and conditions.

Who manages Wellmount Village?

Wellmount Village is managed by Wellmount Accommodation Management Company Limited, who have appointed a Management Agent, M&C Property, 9 Connaught Street, Athlone, Co Westmeath to manage the day to day running of the Village. Contact details for M&C Property are: Phone (090) 649 0111 Email athlone@mcp.ie

How far is Wellmount Village from AIT?

From the gates of Wellmount you turn left and walk for 7 minutes directly to Athlone Institute of Technology.

How far is Wellmount Village from Athlone town centre?

Turn right from the gates of Wellmount and walk for about 7 minutes to the town centre.

Are there shops and restaurants nearby?

There are several supermarkets and shopping centres, as well as selection of takeaways within walking distance of Wellmount Village. There is also a vending machine in the facilities block for snack emergencies.

Is there security?

Secure All Security are a PSA (Private Security Authority) approved company engaged by Wellmount Village to provide us with a 24 hour security callout service (087 904 2037) and nightly patrols.

Is there parking for bikes?

Yes, we have several bicycle racks throughout the village. Bikes are left out at residents’ own risk, so please ensure you lock your bike securely to the supplied bike racks.

Is there car parking?

Parking facilities are provided free of charge to students staying in Wellmount Village. Please see Village Rules

How do you get to the Train Station and Bus Station from Wellmount Village?

(15 minute walk) Turn right when you leave the gates of Wellmount, walk for about 10 minutes until you get to a right turn at St. Mary's Place. This will bring you up to Southern Station Road, where you will find the bus and train stations.

What do I need to bring with me when I move in?

You need to contact your landlord directly to obtain this information.

What cooking equipment is provided?

All apartments come with a cooker, hob, 'fridge freezer, microwave, toaster and kettle.

Are there laundry facilities in the apartments?

There is a self-service laundrette located in the facilities block for resident's use.

Can I opt to share an apartment with friends?

Yes, at the time of booking let this be known on your booking form. All places are allocated according to availability and you will be advised accordingly.

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