Village Rules


Wellmount Village is managed by Wellmount Accommodation Management Company Limited, who have appointed a Management Agent, M&C Property, 9 Connaught Street, Athlone, Co Westmeath to manage the day to day running of the Village. Contact details for M&C Property are: Phone (090) 649 0111 Email

1. NOISE – All stereo, radio and TV appliances should be kept at a volume that will not interfere with your neighbours’ quiet enjoyment of their apartments. This includes the use of loudspeakers, mechanical noise, musical instruments, loud singing and other noise that might cause annoyance to the owners and occupiers of the village. Most especially, no noise should be audible outside your apartment between the hours of 11pm and 9am. This same rule applies in general to the external areas of the complex.

2. SECURITY – To protect the security of the complex, residents are requested not to allow entry to ANYBODY except your own personally invited guests AND visitors. Report any issues immediately to Secure All Security at 087 904 2037. If you have locked yourself out, you can call Security and they will let you back in. There is a charge of €60 per call-out.

3. OBSTRUCTIONS – The Management Company reserves the right to remove any such offending items without notice.

4. BICYCLES – Bicycles must not be locked to lampposts, trees or railings, bicycle stands are provided. The Management Company reserves the right to remove any such offending bicycles, without notice.

5. WASHING/LAUNDRY – Washing must not be hung out to dry from windows or be visible from the windows.

6. PARKING – All cars being parked on-site must be registered in writing to the management company. Unauthorised vehicles may be clamped or removed by the Management Company without notice.
Care should be taken to park only in individual spaces. Residents not park in a manner that might block or otherwise impede other cars entering or exiting the village. The parking of caravans, vans, boats, trailers and commercial vehicles is not allowed. The Management Company may remove them without notice.

7. COMMON AREAS – Every effort should be made to keep the common areas and grounds clean and tidy.

8. NOTICES – Not to affix to any walls, doors or any vertical surface other than notice boards specifically for such purpose any picture notice or any other item and not to mark in any way such surfaces. A notice board is in place within the facilities block.

9. ANIMALS – Not to keep any dog or other animal in or on the premises

10. BINS – Separate covered bins are provided in the designated bin areas for refuse and recyclables. These must be used, no dumping of any refuse in any part of the Village will be tolerated.

11. LANDSCAPED AREAS – Residents are not allowed to walk through landscaped areas of the development. Adequate pathways have been provided. Any and all damage caused to plants & finish will be noted. Where damage is deemed malicious both the Gardai & relevant bodies will be notified.

12. LAUNDRY FACILITY – The Laundry facilities are available in the facilities block as per the hours displayed. We cannot take responsibility for any items damaged, lost or stolen.

13. MANAGEMENT AGENT NOTICES – Residents will follow all guidelines and notices issued. 

14. DAMAGE – Any & all damage deemed to be either malicious or vandalism will be brought to the attention of Athlone Gardai & relevant authorities within the collage and will be fully investigated within the village. Such behaviour will not be deemed acceptable. 

15. COMPLAINTS – Any Complaints that a resident may have must be placed in writing. Aggression of any kind will not be tolerated within the village. Any person that behaves aggressively towards another will be automatically removed from the village.

16. INTERNET – Internet usage will be monitored externally, details where necessary details will be handed over to Gardai. This service is provided for all residents and no tolerance will be accepted for major downloading, indecent material or hacking.

Any complaints or issues about the internet need to be reported to

17. SMOKING – No Smoking within apartment block common areas, where residents insist on smoking within Wellmount Village we would ask that they take note of the rules of basic Fire Safety.

18. DRUGS – Drug Taking and Substance abuse will not be tolerated, and persons deemed to be breaking this rule will be dismissed immediately from the village and relevant details forwarded to Gardai.